Idaho's conservative lieutenant governor is asking every state in the union to audit their election results. Her announcement in a release comes after the audit results from the 2020 election in Arizona were released. Election integrity has been an issue since the midterm results of 2018 and the 2020 elections.

In her release, Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin says that she has faith in the electoral process. She points out the many flaws that were found in the audit of the Arizona results. Her announcement could help her get the support of former President Donald Trump, who met with McGeachin recently.

Beauan Maltby
Beauan Maltby

The lieutenant governor is challenging incumbent Republican Governor Brad Little in the upcoming May primary. The field is a crowded one consisting of several conservatives who want to replace Little. A Trump endorsement would vault any candidate to front runner status. Here is the release from the lieutenant governor.
I have long believed that the most fundamental right of Americans is our right to vote. Voting is critical to the strength of our republic and its people. If we lose faith in our elections, our republic will not survive. Last week, Arizona concluded its months-long audit of Maricopa County. The results were startling.

Here are just a few of the issues found in the audit:

* 23,344 mail-in ballots from persons no longer living at their mailing address.
* 17,322 duplicate ballots.
* 2,382 voters who voted in person but no longer lived in Maricopa County.
* 2,081 ballots cast by voters who moved out of state during a 29-day period preceding the election.

According to the official tally, Joe Biden won Arizona by roughly 10,451 votes. The errors in Maricopa County alone make up this margin many times over. It is worth asking that if there are this many discrepancies in one county, what would we find if we audited every county in America? In our electoral system, fraud that happens in one state defrauds all states.

The citizens of this great country deserve to have confidence in their elections, and to believe without a shadow of a doubt that there is one person, one vote.

To protect the sanctity of our republic, I am calling on all 50 states to audit their elections. To protect Idahoans' electoral rights, we must guarantee through an audit that not only Idaho's elections are secure but the other 49 states are conducting their elections fairly as well.

I am specifically calling on all Idaho state legislators to join this effort. I know of at least one, Idaho State Rep. Chad Christensen, who has openly expressed support for an audit in all 50 states and for decertification where necessary.

Please don't delay. The time is now!

We'll continue to monitor this story and update you if members of the Idaho Legislature begins to audit our elections in Idaho.

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