Idaho's citizen soldiers have returned to the Gem State after serving to protect the nation's capital.  Over 300 Idaho National Guard Soldiers and Airmen took part in protecting the 59th Presidential Inauguration.  The Guard assisted state and federal law enforcement while serving in Washington DC.

The troops were met by the members of the command and the governor.

“We’re proud of you, but I’m not surprised you did exactly what I knew you would: you answered the call,” Maj. Gen. Michael Garshak, adjutant general of Idaho, told Soldiers and Airmen upon their return. “You accomplished the mission and you represented Idaho in a professional manner,” explained in a press release.

Governor Little added his praise for the troops.  “It never ceases to amaze me, the dedication of the men and women of the Idaho National Guard and their families,” said Little. “Thank you to your employers. That’s all part of the chemistry of what we do here.”

Idaho Guardsmen worked with local law enforcement agencies like the U.S. Capitol Police and Washington D.C. Police Department.  The troops served in supporting the U.S. Secret Service.   The troops worked 12- to 20-hour shifts. While on duty, they took rest breaks in designated areas, which included the U.S. Capitol’s visitor center and a nearby parking garage before the inauguration. Idaho personnel slept in hotels in the district area while off duty.

The mission lasted for 10 days and included working with over 26,000 Guard members from across the country.  While in DC, half of the Guardsmen conducted security duties, like traffic control as well helping visitors entering or existing the security zone.  Idaho's troops slept in hotels when not working to keep America safe.

Thank you to the troops, their families, and employers for protecting America.

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