It was reported recently that Saltzer Health, a prominent healthcare provider in the Treasure Valley, is facing "closure or sale" by March 29th, 2024, leaving both employees and patients in a state of uncertainty. The announcement made by Saltzer Health, an Intermountain Health company, has completely shocked the community, with employees expressing their feelings about the lack of prior notice.

Some employees disclosed that they were caught off guard by the news, discovering the fate of their workplace through news reports and concerned patients coming in with questions... before any official communication was provided.

For Saltzer Health providers, the closure presents unique challenges for the upcoming year.

The process of opening new practices or seeking alternative employment is far from straightforward, with lengthy credentialing processes taking up to six months. This sudden closure announcement has left providers struggling with the decision to either wait for a potential buyer, seek new employment, or even start on the journey of opening their own practices.

The providers we spoke with wanted to make it clear that they're keeping their patients in mind, emphasizing their commitment to updating and informing patients throughout the transition to ensure uninterrupted care.

Many employees, who were also patients of Saltzer Health, now find themselves navigating the challenge of securing new jobs and finding alternative healthcare providers. However, many have also expressed a loyal commitment to remain with the same providers they currently work with, regardless of their future professional endeavors.

As the Treasure Valley community takes on these changes, caregivers face less than two months to navigate transitions for patients requiring ongoing care. Until March 29th, there's going to be an awkward period of uncertainty, but providers and employees are committed to a patient-first mindset, striving to keep patients updated on significant developments.

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