The Idaho legislature continues to address education and cultural issues during the current session. Education curriculum has been a topic from talk shows to government committees. The Senate Education Committee passed SB 1071 6-2.

Idaho Republicans have been concerned about the direction of schools throughout the state for the last several years. Former Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin formed a 'parents council' to investigate what was being taught to public school kids in Idaho. Her efforts were stymied as the media attacked the committee and filed a lawsuit seeking to identify parents who shared their concerns.

If approved by the Senate, House, and Governor Little, sexual education would not be taught to Idaho students until before the fifth grade. The issue of CRT and sex education has been an issue in Idaho as several parents would like to choose whether or not their kids have to attend sex education classes.

Is sex ed being taught to kids before the fifth grade? Nampa Senator Brian Lenny had the answer to that question during the committee hearing. "In 2021, the state department of education sent a report to the Idaho legislature talking about how 21% of school districts in Idaho are using a program called second step. In the second step, pre-k through twelve does cover human sexuality."

Senator Lenny told the committee that he believes this bill is needed now more than ever. "I think it's a good bill, and I will definitely be supporting it," The senator was asked whether the sexual curriculum was being taught to pre-fifth-grade students. He replied that sex education is taught to students before the fifth grade.

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