Despite the efforts of pro-abortion advocates, Idaho's much-discussed trigger law will go into effect this month. The 3-2 decision by the state's highest court means that abortions will be illegal in Idaho beginning August 25th. The case was brought to the justices in reaction to the recent United States Supreme Court ruling sending the abortion issue back to the states. 

Abortions in Idaho could still be legal if Joe Biden and Merrick Garland get their way. The federal government is suing Idaho in hopes of preventing and then eliminating Idaho's trigger law. The federal judge who is assigned to the case hasn't issued a ruling. Many conservatives believe Biden and Garland picked Idaho so that the case would fall under the notoriously liberal 9th circuit.  

Here, you can read our coverage of Mr. Garland's decision to attack Idaho. The state's law is based on the Texas law, which prohibits most abortions after six weeks. Another law holds doctors who perform abortions subject to lawsuits and prosecution. 

The ruling is a significant victory for Idaho's pro-life movement, which has struggled to have a unified message over the years. Planned Parenthood has announced that they are pulling their facilities out of Idaho and planning to build a facility in Ontario, Oregon, to provide abortions. Oregon, California, and Washington declared they would be sanctuary states for women seeking abortions.  

The next move will take place in the Idaho Legislature. The body will be made up of more conservatives. Legislatures have told us that they will continue to pass legislation dealing with abortion in Idaho. 

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