Whether you live in Caldwell, Boise, or Mountain Home, the weekend news is too big to ignore. Our state is under a historic heatwave, temperatures well into the triple digits for several days. For most of us, mere mortals who work inside will never have to appreciate the dangers outside workers will face during this record-setting heat event.

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There are three conditions that outside workers have to contend with to avoid severe injuries due to working outside when the temperature is more than one hundred degrees. The body does its best to keep itself cool by sweating; when you lose the ability to sweat, your body begins to overheat.

Heat cramps happen after exercise or work when the large muscles begin to cramp up.  Experts urge proper hydration and electrolytes to help the body cope with recovering during the hot temperatures.

Heat exhaustion is defined:  As dehydration intensifies beyond the commonly experienced heat cramps, heat exhaustion may occur. Characterized by symptoms that include cool skin with goosebumps, headache, faintness, rapid pulse, nausea, and cramping amongst other signs, combating heat exhaustion requires spending time in a cool place while replenishing fluids

Heatstroke is when the body cannot cool itself down and it at a temperature of over 105 degrees.  Death or a coma may result in this condition and experts say victims should be taken to a hospital immediately.  For more tips on fighting the heat, please click the link here.  

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