California and Idaho continue to be linked as more and more folks from the Golden State relocate to the Gem State. We reported on California Governor Gavin Newsom's recent trip to Idaho here. However, we then asked you what you thought of arguably the only Democrat who could replace President Biden visiting our state.

The governor has been touring the country touting the successes of the Biden Administration. Apparently, he hasn't had to shop for groceries lately. If he did, he wouldn't be promoting Bidenomics. Most political experts believe that Governor Newsom wants to replace President Biden if the Democrats get tired of his incompetence.

On the other hand, his record in California is so bad that his state continues to lose massive amounts of people who are fed up with high taxes, uncontrollable homelessness, and rolling blackouts.

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GRUSOME NEWSOM -all his people left. he has to follow them not understanding they LEFT him. the photo only shows about 10 people in a yard of weeds from what I can tell. He can pound sand and stay out of idaho.


Start the rioting and burning and shoplifting.pee in the street.make him feel at home.will Comrade Mayor McLean be welcoming him?


It seems gruesome Newsom is trying to increase his name recognition around the country. The servile little man will never win Idaho's vote organically, he will have to align himself with whomever cast all Idaho's Brad Little ballots with no down ballot engagement. Then the purple Idaho claims may be presented as an optic in the left/right paradigm narrative. #Programmed


As long as he stays away from any conversations and meet-ups with realtors, I'm fine with it.


Proves that a large group of those leaving his state came here on a mission to destroy Boise and Idaho even more than they have.


We don’t need his BS energy here for even for a second. We have enough liberals that belong in California involved in politics here already.


It seems like a lot of folks from California are coming up here.


This is funny

Looks like 15 people showed up. All of which probably just moved to boise from LA

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President Biden Arrives in Boise

President Biden is greeted by protesters during his visit to Boise, Idaho.

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