Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson has served in Congress for a very long time. During his time in Congress, Mr. Simpson has never backed down from a fight, whether over a budget issue for farmers or advocating blowing up dams in Idaho.

The congressman can get away with his beliefs because he's never faced a truly powerful primary or general election opponent. Anyone who has faced Mr. Simpson is usually outspent and sometimes outworked. 

Mike Simpson's Political Career

Why Idahoans elect him.

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However, Mr. Simpson is now facing criticism from Democrats and the Idaho Republican Party. He recently released a letter defending his no vote against Jim Jordan, who was running for Speaker of the House. The congressman took issue with the state party chairwoman.

He wrote: 

The Idaho Republican Party is pushing a false narrative that I am not representing my constituents based on not voting for Mr. Jordan. Perhaps Chairwoman Dorothy Moon has not lived in Idaho long enough to understand how important things like agriculture, delisting wolves, our nation's military, and the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) are for our state.

You can read his entire letter here. Several folks took to social media to express their opinion on Mr. Simpson's state party smackdown.






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