The border issue is impossible to ignore. The president's open-door border policy has allowed millions of illegal aliens to enter our country. Big cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, and others have repeatedly asked the federal government to close the border. At the time of this publication, the border is still open per the direction of President Biden.

Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue recently told us and Fox News that every state is now a border state. The sheriff has been to the border many times to raise awareness of the current crisis. Idaho legislators have tried to unsuccessfully pass a bill that would give driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

Speculation continues both on Talk Radio and online that the federal government is now shipping migrants to Idaho. People have posted that they've seen migrants getting off of buses in the middle of the night at their favorite remote Idaho city or town.

Are there illegal migrants infiltrating Idaho? Has any news organization looked into the numerous reports from all over the Gem State? 

East Idaho News looked into the allegations, asking local law enforcement officials in the eastern part of the state. The publication received a response from the city of Idaho Falls.

"The city of Idaho Falls does not have any program or policy to bring people to the city illegally. Any information out there saying such is false. It's critical we ensure accurate information prevails and rumors are dispelled swiftly," says city of Idaho Falls spokesman Eric Grossarth. 

Other Idaho cities responded similarly to the folks in Idaho Falls. Our state, unlike the bigger cities, doesn't have the infrastructure to support a massive amount of illegal migrants. Let's hope Idaho doesn't become a victim of Biden's failed border policies like many others. 

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