A Republican state senator has introduced legislation that will allow people in the country illegally to drive legally in Idaho. The intent of the bill, is to make Idaho roads safer by allowing the undocumented access to driver training and insurance, according to a release from the Senator.

Currently, you have to be a legal citizen to obtain an Idaho State Driver's License. Advocates say that allowing illegal aliens or undocumented individuals access to driver's training would make Idaho roads safer. Idaho has a long history of employing migrant workers to work on farms and dairies.

Senate Bill 1132 would create two classes of Idaho Drivers. American Citizens who have to prove their citizenship and qualifications by complying with the new Star Card requirements. The undocumented workers would have access to driver training, issued driving credentials, and obtain insurance without American citizenship.

Potential changes will allow all state drivers, regardless of their immigration status, access to proper training and knowledge skills tests before getting behind the wheel. The legislation supports Idaho workers by allowing them to take driver training courses, be screened for driving capabilities, be issued driving credentials, purchase insurance and pay an annual fee without the extensive documentation required of both Star Cards and Driver's Licenses.

Guthrie promoted his bill in the following statement via press release: "It's critical that we find a way to get those who are driving, particularly on our rural roads in agricultural communities, a way to be properly trained," said Senator Jim Guthrie. "Studies from other states show that by doing this, we are minimizing accidents and hit and runs, and creating overall safety for everyone on the road."

The Republican Senator teased the upcoming legislation last month to the Idaho State Journal via Fox Business. "We have undocumented aliens in the country, and that's a given," Guthrie told the Idaho State Journal. "Until the federal government decides to address the illegal alien situation, (the proposed legislation) gives us the opportunity to maximize that workforce while they're here because they're here anyway and driving anyway."

Guthrie's logic is that immigration law is untenable, so Idaho should give up on enforcement. Big industry is behind this bill, and we shall see how Conservative the Idaho Legislature is when it comes to maintaining law or eliminating it.

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