We're less than a week into the Idaho Legislature and one Idaho lawmaker already gets the award for the most discussed potential law in the state of Idaho.  The bill would allow people that are living in Idaho illegally the ability to drive legally on Idaho roads. Republican Senator Jim Guthrie, a rancher, has told the Idaho State Journal that the cards would be renewed annually.  If passed, illegal or undocumented aliens would be allowed to drive vehicles on Idaho roads throughout the Gem State. Guthrie says the legislation is needed to help augment the labor shortages throughout the agriculture industry in Idaho.

The Senator expanded his motivation to the paper saying, '“We have undocumented aliens in the country, and that’s a given,” Guthrie said. “Until the federal government decides to address the illegal alien situation, (the proposed legislation) gives us the opportunity to maximize that workforce while they’re here because they’re here anyway and driving anyway.”

Idaho political operatives do not believe there is enough support to get this legislation passed in both houses of the legislature.  If the bill makes it out of the senate and the house, Governor Little will have to make a decision to either sign the controversial bill or veto it.

State conservatives have already expressed their concerns about the governor based on his recent acceptance of additional refugees from other countries.

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