If at first, you don't succeed, you know the rest, try, try, again. That famous motto could be one of many used by Idaho's newest national champions. The team is not based in Boise or Moscow but in the quaint hamlet of Caldwell, Idaho.

The Yotes of the College of Idaho can now say they're champions after a thrilling game defeating the Warriors of Indiana Tech 73-71. The team won their second National Championship. NAIA is a division where there are no scholarships. The Broncos and the Vandals play in the NCAA.


What is the NAIA? NAIA stands for National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. The organization governs small college programs, according to NCSA Sports. 

The Yotes have been made the national tournament for several years as folks in Caldwell have grown accustomed to their on-court success. Unfortunately, the team still needs to advance as far as they did this year in Kansas City. 

The NCAA has three divisions that govern larger colleges and universities. The College of Idaho has been on a roll during its athletic renaissance. The school brought back the football team and, like its basketball team, has had significant success on the field. 

The College of Idaho has made an effort to recruit high school graduates within the Treasure Valley that want to continue their athletic careers by offering these students an opportunity to compete at the NAIA level. 

The Yotes had to face several teams from across the country before making it to the championship game. The college will have a night to celebrate the champs on Wednesday. You can read how to join the fun here.

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