It's not often that a movie is so popular that twenty years after it was produced, the cast is touring the country on tour celebrating the film. Sure, there are few iconic films like Star Wars where we can imagine thousands, if not millions, of folks lining up to meet the stars of that groundbreaker. 

However, the film Napoleon Dynamite will never rival or appear in the same sentence, page, or book as the Star Wars franchise. Despite the obscure nature of a movie about a kid in Idaho, the cast and crew are touring the country, reminiscing with fans who can't get enough of Uncle Rico, Kip, Pedro, and Napoleon. 

Napoleon Dynamite Cast 2019
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Idahoans will see their favorite characters in Boise next month, as detailed by my colleague Mateo here. Napoleon Dynamite was filmed in Preston, Idaho. You can take a look at the sights of beautiful Preston here. Some places, like the high school and the bowling alley, have stayed the same. The Yellow Brick Road gift shop sells maps to help you find all the famous movie locations.

Exclusive Look At Preston, Idaho

Where Napoleon Dynamite Was Filmed in Idaho

The historic Egyptian Theater will host the event. You can get tickets here.  

"This unique evening includes a full screening of "Napoleon Dynamite" followed by a lively, freewheeling, moderated discussion with fan-favorite cast members; Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), Efren Ramirez (Pedro), and Jon Gries (Uncle Rico)."

Regardless of age, the film continues to document the challenges and triumphs of growing up in Idaho and across the country. The story's theme of friendship and loyalty conquering still resonates with Americans, young and old. 

Behind The Scenes of Napoleon Dynamite

If you have ever watched the "Director's Cut" of your favorite show or movie, you know how insightful seeing "the process" is, behind the scenes. Now, a behind the scenes look at Napoleon Dynamite has surfaced and the internet is in love! Check out some highlights and the video itself, below!


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