Perhaps second to the governor, Mike Simpson is Idaho's most unbeatable politician. The congressman has served his constituents since 1998. He replaced Mike Crapo, who moved on to the Senate. Mr. Simpson has been challenged many times running for reelection but has never been in jeopardy of losing his seat. 

Why Is Mike Simpson So Unbeatable?

Congressman Simpson is a hard worker who works to bring back enormous amounts of money to his district. The Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is one of the nation's most trusted nuclear and scientific research sources and is in the second district. INL and surrounding supporting industries employ significant amounts of Idahoans who vote with their employment in mind.

Cage Fight Simpson Verses Labrador?
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The Idaho congressman has served in Congress for over twenty years. The longer you're in Congress, the more friends you make and the more powerful you become. Special interest groups and lobbyists support anyone who has lived in Washington DC for many years.

Over the years, there haven't been any severe candidates to threaten Mr. Simpson's employment. If anyone, Republican or Democrat, gets close, the congressman's team unleashes an indescribable amount of ads that no one has yet been able to respond to practically.

Mike Simpson's Political Career

Why Idahoans elect him.

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Congressman Simpson's History in Idaho

In politics, the longer you're in power, the more powerful you become. Congressman Simpson has been an active part of Idaho Politics since 1980. He began by winning a seat on the Blackfoot Council, then was elected to the Idaho Legislature. He ended his time serving as Speaker for six years before being elected to Congress. If you visit his office in Washington, you'll see the door from his days as Speaker hanging on the wall.

Congressman Simpson's Take on Challenging Issues in Idaho

The congressman's resources and history allow him to advocate for two controversial issues. One involves blowing up several dams in Idaho to save the salmon. The other consists of allowing illegal workers living in America to become legalized for the benefit of employers. It is no surprise to political experts that Mr. Simpson can publicly say that he will not vote for Representative Jim Jordan at this time.

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