Ron DeSantis is the governor of Florida who has been called many names. However, could the term Idahoan be a term used to describe him? The Florida Conservative has been voicing radio ads that have been airing on Idaho radio stations. Is Ron DeSantis moving to Idaho?

Initial reports indicate that the Florida governor wants to expand his influence nationally by voicing ads advocating for congressional term limits. He is partnering with Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who wants to amend the United States Constitution to limit the time senators, and members of Congress can serve.

According to the Tampa Times, a "Convention of States" has to be called to amend the Constitution. The group has been lobbying Idaho and other states for years in hopes of calling an Article V Convention. In recent years, Idaho has been one of the few states that have yet to reach it. The Idaho Legislature has historically turned over after the recent November elections. 

Why Governor DeSantis Matters in Idaho

Idaho is one of the few states with the largest or the largest Republican super-majorities in the country. The state voted overwhelmingly for President Trump in 2016 and 2020. If Governor DeSantis successfully influences Idaho's legislature, it will show a new appeal to conservative Republicans outside of his base geographic area of Florida.

Could we see Florida's governor in Idaho? It is possible we could see him visit the Gem State if the legislators need an additional push. If he does visit our state, it will be one of the year's most significant political stories. His visit could provoke former President Donald Trump to visit Idaho.

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