Former Boise Music Festival (BMF) artist and country music sensation Jelly Roll has taken his advocacy against the opioid crisis to a national stage. The Grammy-nominated artist recently addressed the United States Senate's Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs in Washington, D.C., during a session titled "Stopping the Flow of Fentanyl: Public Awareness and Legislative Solutions."

Before even introducing himself, Jelly Roll opened his testimony strong by saying: "During the time that I've been given to share my testimony here, I think it's important to note before I start that in these 5-minutes that I'll be speaking that somebody in the United States will die of a drug overdose, and it is almost a 72% chance that during these 5-minutes, it will be fentanyl-related."

Watch Jelly Roll's testimony here. Video from FOX Nashville on YouTube.

He continued by introducing himself by his real name, Jason DeFord, and sharing yet another statistic, asserting that 190 people per day overdose and die in the United States. "That's about what a 737 aircraft can carry. Could you imagine the national media attention it would get if they were reporting that a plane was crashing every single day killing 190 people?"

Jelly Roll's address on this matter is nothing short of moving, as he shares personal stories of from his past and statistics to back up the problem the fentanyl is in our society.

Boise locals may remember Jelly Roll's impactful message from his performance at the Boise Music Festival in June 2023, where he spoke out against fentanyl and advocated for the legalization of marijuana. Now, his advocacy has reached the national stage, as he urges elected officials to prioritize human life over political ideologies.

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