It's Summer in the Treasure Valley, and once again we need a big dose of sanity when it comes to responsible pet ownership.  Recently we've had two incidents involving the death of two dogs that should've been avoided if their owners gave a rip about others instead of themselves.  I don't understand why people that have dogs allow them to run without a leash.  The dogs can injure others or themselves if not properly protected by their human companion.   If you love your four legged, furry family members, then you protect them from cars and other animals.

The worst offenders are those that put their dogs in the back of their pickup trucks.  I've talked to area vets that have explained to me what happens when dogs are thrown or leap from the back of pickup trucks.

These accidents on the roads and in the parks can be avoided.  If you're walking your dog, protect them and think like a defensive driver.  If you see a roaming dog, go the opposite direction and call the police.  Let them handle it.

Personally, I believe pets should be kept at home and are not companions for humans in vehicles.  Does Poochy enjoy being bounced around in the back of a hot truck or inside a car?  Not likely, and let's not forget the nitwits who leave their kids and pets inside of hot cars while shopping.

Folks, if you love your dogs, protect them and keep them safe and on a leash.

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