Have you ever heard of Idaho's most magical Christmas River experience? Is it worth the drive from Boise? Check out the pictures below from last year to help you decide, but we think it's absolutely worth it!

If you love seeing beautiful Christmas lights, then you can’t miss the most mystical and magical Christmas attraction that's right here in Idaho. We've got a bunch of amazing pictures of the attraction below, however, pictures don’t totally do it justice — but we tried our best to capture even just a glimpse of this beautiful Christmas River for you to see.

Village Lights at The Christmas River in Menan, Idaho, is open this year (2023) from December 8th to December 23rd (excluding Sundays, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day). Here's their Facebook post announcing opening day!

See everything you love about Christmas! From the Grinch, to your favorite Frozen characters, and of course... Santa Claus!

The Christmas river attraction actually started a few years ago as a haunted attraction, The Haunted River. The Haunted River is still something they do every year for Halloween, but when it's December, the whole place turns to a magical Christmas wonderland — and don't forget the hot chocolate, warm pretzels, and mini donuts.

Here's their website for more details, but this weekend/week is the LAST week they're open for 2023.

It's a bit of a drive from Boise, but a really great opportunity for a fun family trip to Southeast Idaho. Go places you've never been, check out the restaurants we don't have here, and of course, enjoy the Magical Christmas River!

Keep scrolling for pictures of The Christmas River and other lights and attractions near Boise.

Magical Christmas River in Idaho Worth the Drive from Boise?

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