Which Western City has said it's okay for women to be topless in public?  Find out here.  Women in Fort Collins, Colorado can now walk the streets topless thanks to a recent ruling from a federal judge, reports The Denver Post. The city had tried to halt women from showing their breasts in public by passing an ordinance against it.

The legislation was a opposed by the group Free the Nipple. (Okay, I'm not making this up.)  Experts testified that the only difference between male and female breasts, were that the females breastfeed.  The judge stated that he believes that children do not need to be protected from the naked female breast.  He opined how the Constitution trumps discrimination.

Could we see more of these types of decisions?  Let's hope not, however society does have the right to enforce societal norms.  What's next, allowing people to run around the streets naked?  I would urge the government of Fort Collins to appeal the judges decision.


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