It’s a problem we Idahoans face every year at this time…potholes. You’ve seen them, some are large enough to swallow up a whole car. Well, Ada County wants your help in reporting these man-eating potholes so they can get fixed.

What causes these yearly reoccurring holes in the road?  The most common cause is when groundwater drains into cracks of cement or asphalt. When this happens AND there are freezing temperatures, the water in the cracks expands and contracts underneath roadways until they finally break apart and form a hole that we all know as a pothole.

Pretty soon, through continuous traffic, that hole continues to grow to the point where it can cause major vehicle damage.

The Ada County Highway District wants to help cut down on the probability of a pothole ruining your day, so they want to hear from you. If you encounter a pothole you’re asked to report this week during their special "Pothole Week."  Between now and  April 6th, Ada County residents are encouraged to report the potholes they've seen through the ACHD website so crews can come out and fill them.

To report the crater you've seen, just click on the link below to upload a photo of the pothole and the location of the car-swallowing monster.

Want to see some incredible potholes? Check out this video


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