The Idaho housing market is finally starting to slow down. Regardless the secret is out on how great Idaho really is. So many have moved to the beautiful state over the last few years that it has been a hard adjustment for some locals and natives who feel that all of the newbies are changing Idaho and not in a good way.

Many Idahoans including this singer, songwriter are not at all interested in sharing the gem state with anyone else. In this song fittingly called "Idaho Sucks, Tell Your Friends" Gene Gallaway tells a story of a developer who wants to know more about Idaho and if it is a good place to live.

In the song story Gene goes on to tell the man how terrible of a place it is to live and that he should tell all his friends. The developer then thanks the Idahoan for his honesty. It is quite clever and I am sure will resonate with many passionate Idahoans.

There are a lot of great songs about Idaho that I love. This one made me chuckle though and I love how he told the story through the song. I hope you enjoy it. Scroll down to learn more about our great state.

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