The Kellen Moore offseason sweepstakes are officially over. Unfortunately for the former Boise State quarterback, he didn't get an opportunity to prove himself as an NFL head coach. Although Coach Moore is a great coach, there were a lot of legendary coaches on the market who commanded the attention and the big money.

A List of Kellen Moore's Jobs

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Kellen Moore now goes back to the NFC East and has another opportunity to develop and work with a young, up-and-coming quarterback. As we reported here, the Eagles present an incredible opportunity and a treacherous challenge. Let's review the pros and cons for Coach Moore in Philadelphia.


Dallas Cowboys
YouTube/Dallas Cowboys

Fans of both the coach and the Eagles will be cheering for him to defeat the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys dismissed Kellen because their Coach, Mike McCarthy, wanted more control over the team's offense. The Eagles and Cowboys are bitter rivals, so the idea of Kellen Moore directing the offense in victory over the Cowboys twice a year is too good to be true. Coach McCarthy is in the last year of his contract; if Kellen Moore is successful, he could cost the coach who fired him his job.

The Quarterback

YouTube/ GQ Sports
YouTube/ GQ Sports

Jalen Hurst is genuinely the NFL's hardest-working quarterback. Anyone associated with Mr. Hurts praises his leadership and work ethic. When he lost his starting job at Alabama, he showed authentic leadership before finishing his college career at Oklahoma. Although he wasn't a first-round draft pick, Mr. Hurts worked his way into the starting lineup and eventually led the Eagles to the Super Bowl last year.

The Opportunity

Unlike the Los Angeles Chargers, the Philadelphia Eagles are a premier NFL franchise. The Eagles offensive coordinator job is full of risk and opportunity. If you win, you become the head coach of an NFL team. If you lose, you get fired.

We wish the coach luck and will update you on this story as it develops.

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