It appears that Boise State will have a new football coach after the Mountain West Championship game. Other teams like Texas A&M, Syracuse, and San Diego State have picked their new coaches. Speculation continues to revolve around the Los Angeles Offensive Coordinator, Kellen Moore, and the current interim Coach, Spencer Danielson.


The new hire will have a lot of responsibilities, including helping athletic director Jeremiah Dickey sell the program to donors and work on increasing the fan base. The program is at a crossroads as several teams have become the national darlings, replacing the Broncos, who used to own the national spotlight.

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Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore's Backup Job
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The fans continue to believe that Coach Moore will return home to bring back the glory days of Boise State. He's currently coaching the Chargers, taking on New England this weekend. Boise State is very important to the coach, but there are several potential NFL openings, as many as eight this year. The former Boise State quarterback has interviewed for the big NFL jobs, and his experience with Justin Herbert has only impressed more NFL owners.


Coach Moore and his staff will demand a lot of money to leave the NFL life, however if he comes back to Boise his arrival will rival that of Coach Prime's in Colorado.

Spencer Danielson

YouTube/ Wally the bronco too
YouTube/ Wally the bronco too

Is there a Cinderella story better than the interim coach's? The team has rallied under his leadership, finishing the season strong under challenging circumstances. Coach Danielson brings passion and continuity; would Mr. Dickey want to gamble on another first-time coach to lead the program? The program needs a coach that will allow Boise State to dominate the Mountain West, similar to how Georgia and Alabama dominate the SEC.

The Defense
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We had a chance to meet the coach briefly and we're impressed with his humility and commitment to the community. We'll continue you to monitor the situation and update you when a new coach is hired.

Here are a few other candidates that are in the running to become the Boise State's next football coach.

(Editor's Note, Sean Lewis has been hired by San Diego State.)

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