The NFL season is quickly ending, so the teams moving into the playoffs will continue to capture our attention, and the bottom dwellers will be looking to fire their current coaches and hire new ones. It wasn't that long ago that Boise State great Kellen Moore was orchestrating the league-best offense for the Los Angeles Chargers. However, once quarterback Justin Herbert went down, the offensive production was stifled, and the head coach was fired.


At one time, Coach Moore was rumored to be the next head coach of the Chargers, although the team will be going in another direction. As reported below, the former Boise State quarterback has been a popular choice for teams looking for their next head coach. While with the Dallas Cowboys, the coach was interviewed by several teams, eventually deciding to hire someone else.

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Although his time was limited in Los Angeles with the talented Herbert, experts and fans appreciated Coach Moore's positive impact on the offense. Players from his former team, the Dallas Cowboys, have also praised his impact on their careers. One report had college football's winningest quarterback working with Heisman Trophy Winner Bryce Young.


While Kellen to Carolina is intriguing, another publication has him as the favorite to become the next head coach of this West Coast based NFL Team.

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Gallery Credit: Kevin Miller has Kellen Moore as the favorite to join the Las Vegas Raiders as their new head coach. Other possible candidates for the job are Detroit's Ben Johnson, Miami's Frank Smith and the Patriots Bill Belichick.


What do you think of Kellen Moore coaching the Raiders? The team has faced a lot of controversy and losing seasons since the removal of Jon Gruden. The team need to find an offensive identity if it hopes to return to its glory years. We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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Gallery Credit: Kevin Miller




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