Why is this woman smiling?  Her show on Fox is one the highest rated shows on cable television.  Hard to believe that ten years ago she was an anonymous lawyer in Washington DC.   Now it's all about Megyn Kelly and the Kevin Miller Hotlist acknowledges her power.

Kelly proved her punch last night by giving former Vice President Dick Cheney a grilling instead of the agreement TV he's use to from Fox.  This is video you have to see and it's first up on the Kevin Miller Hotlist.

Megyn Kelly does not follow the script last night on the Fox News Channel.  Instead of letting the Cheney's running wild, she grills them here.

An incredible video detailing what it was like to serve with Bowe Bergdahl from You Tube.

A Texas man is told to remove his American Flag from his balcony.  Is Texas not part of the union?  Apparently the management team thought that displaying the American Flag could be a threat to Muslims says The Blaze.

One high school has decided to block conservative web site access to students.  However liberal web sites are okay report the Washington Times.

Student loan debt is a growing problem.  Is this something that government should resolve or is it about personal responsibility?  Inside the boom of student loan debt provided by the Washington Examiner.

The border crisis continues to grow as thousands of folks carrying diseases are coming to America.  Who will treat them and what should we do with them?  The latest from World Net Daily.

Are you surprised that confidence in television news is at an all time low.  Let's see, congress, the president, and now TV news.  What's next?  The details of the Gallop Poll and what it means to you from CNS News.

You read it here first.  There's a new movie coming out this fall called 'Dear White People'.  It's a satire of the Obama Age.  Here's the trailer from You Tube.

The IRS has lost emails detailing their moves against conservatives and other groups.  This is worse than Watergate writes the Wall Street Journal.

A new study testing arthritis medication has allowed a man to regrow his hair.  No word on how effect the medicine was on arthritis.  The details provided by WBZ Boston.