Kevin Miller reviews the recent comments attributed to Pope Francis.  A journalist said the Pope said some controversial things concerning whether or not Jesus was God.  This topic lead to a record volume of phone calls from listeners responding to the topic.  Kevin Miller updates and takes calls on the following topics.  The Turkey / Kurd situation and President Trump's defense of his actions involving the Deep State's attempt to get him out of office.  Both topics generate several phone calls from concerned listeners on those issues.

Kevin Miller shares the story of friendship between former President George Bush and entertainer Ellen DeGeneres.  Ellen has been taking a lot of heat from liberals because she like the former president.  Kevin Miller takes call from listeners commenting on the lack of tolerance from the liberal left.

Kevin Miller explains the latest news on technology.   It If you own a smart TV, odds are it's watching you just as much as you're watching it. That's according to "Consumer Reports," which has discovered smart TVs collect data on their owners and shares the information with companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and Google. The study notes nearly all smart TVs send info to Netflix even if the owner doesn't subscribe to the streaming service. To maintain your privacy, the consumer watchdog agency suggests enabling the setting labeled "Disable Collect App and Over-the-Air Usage Data," which can be found in a TV's privacy settings menu. Roku users can block prying eyes by unchecking "Use Info from TV Inputs," which can found in the Privacy-Smart TV Experience menu. Why does it matter if companies are tracking our viewing habits? What other devices could be used to gather information on people?







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