Kevin Miller begins the show by previewing today's vote on impeachment.  He takes calls from listeners reacting to the topic.  Kevin Miller reports on the following topics.  The first involves a big labor dispute that is coming to an end. The United Autoworkers Union announced late yesterday that a tentative labor agreement had been reached with Ford.  Now Ford's union local leaders are gearing up for a UAW National Ford Council meeting in Dearborn on Friday.   The proposed contract will cover 55,000 hourly Ford autoworkers in the U.S., the largest hourly workforce of all the domestic automakers.  Kevin Miller updates everyone on the latest wildfire news coming out of California.  The Maria Fire, the latest to spawn in California is proving the term 'spreading like wildfire.' The fire that sparked about 6 p.m. Thursday has already consumed nearly 9,000 acres. Nearly 2,000 more than reported early Friday morning. Thousands have been forced to evacuate. Two homes have already been destroyed and The VC Star reports about 1,800 other structures are threatened.   Kevin Miller asks the audience the following questions: Does California still seem like a nice place to live considering the State's many problems as of late? Who should be held accountable for those issues? Do you know someone leaving the state?   Kevin Miller reminds everyone that he will be broadcasting his show live from Columbia High School this Friday as part of his promoting our schools, supporting our future series.




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