Kevin Miller begins the show by looking over the events leading up to the presidential impeachment by Congressional Democrats.  He reviews what happened several years ago when former President Bill Clinton was impeached.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners responding to his statements.  Kevin Miller shifts gears on two issues involving sports.  One is a preview of the latest Super Bowl.  The Kansas City Chiefs are headed to the Super Bowl. The last time the Chiefs won the Super Bowl it was 1970 and they were then members of the old American Football League. This marks coach Andy Reid's first return to the Super Bowl in 15 years. He last went as the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.The Chiefs beat the Titans 35-24 and now await San Francisco 49'ers. The Super Bowl will air FOX on Sunday February 2nd.  Demi Lovato is singing the National Anthem with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira on half time duties.  Kevin Miller reports that Boise State is suing the Mountain West Conference over its new television deal with Fox Television.  The Mountain West is moving their games to ESPN for the first time in years.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners supporting the Broncos and their lawsuit.  Kevin Miller reviews the latest  shenanigans involving the Idaho Legislature.  Kevin Miller takes call from listeners who want their lawmakers to do their job and cut taxes.





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