The hotlist takes a look at the controversy over Arizona's Religious Freedom Bill.  A troubling story about a woman who wants to marry a convict.  Plus a look at the stories you'll be talking about tonight and tomorrow morning.

Sometimes it's best to let the story speak for itself.  Dan Popkey details what's next for Renee McKenzie in The Idaho Statesman.

The NFL could pull the Super Bowl if Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signs the Religious Freedom Bill says the Washington Examiner.

The administration continues to increase social programs while cutting the military.  Bill Gertz says it's the end of American Military Dominance in the Washington Free Beacon.

Hollywood's big stars are not supporting Obama Care according to The Hill.

It's a throw down between the newest latest phones.  Which one is better?  The Galaxy S5 or the Iphone5s?  Yahoo Tech gives us the tale of the tape.

If you're not addicted to the tablet, then it's the TV.  Here's how to save money on watching the big screen from Yahoo Homes.

Bitcoin appears to be on the ropes according to CNN Money.

NBC's The Voice is back and feisty according to the LA Times.

A Taco for breakfast?  No we're not talking about a breakfast burrito.  Taco Bell decides to open for breakfast.  Bloomberg TV details the newest early morning contender for your breakfast dollar.

The Colorado Department of Transportation is starting a campaign called 'Get High, Get a DUI.'  The campaign will cost over 400,000 according to CBS4 Denver.