Kellen Moore is one of the most likable professional coaches in all of sports. The former Boise quarterback is having an outstanding first season as the offensive coordinator of the Los Angeles Chargers. Coach Moore was fired by the Dallas Cowboys, who were embarrassed by the San Francisco 49ers 42-10.

Chargers top 5 red zone team, while Dallas is one of the worst teams in red zone scoring. Sometimes, it pays to be fired, and Coach Moore appears to benefit from his removal from Dallas. Speaking of the Cowboys, their owner, Jerry Jones, compared Brock Purdy to the former Boise State star. Although, no one in college football can beat Coach Moore's record of 50-3.

Jerry Jones
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Jerry Jones Is Not Happy About Facing Kellen Moore

The Cowboys owner told 105.3 The Fan, "I have dreaded seeing Kellen on this occasion," Jones said. "Kellen is one of my favorites, as far as individuals. He's a talented coach. Make no mistake about it."

Check Out Kellen Moore's Path From Boise State To Los Angeles

Take a look at his path to the Los Angeles Chargers.

Gallery Credit: Kevin Miller

A national audience will watch the Chargers take on the Cowboys during ABC/ESPN's Monday Night Football. However, the fans and administrators of the Dallas Cowboys will be watching Coach Moore's offense. An outstanding performance by the Charger offense will demonstrate the Cowboys made a HUGE mistake by firing Kellen Moore for the Mike McCarthy/Dak Prescot offense that is going nowhere. 

Mike McCarthy
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You may recall how the Dallas fans blamed Coach Moore for the team's lethargic playoff performances. Thousands of social media posts celebrated the Cowboys' new offense under Coach McCarthy. The only good news for Dallas is that they're playing in Los Angeles, not Dallas.

Monday night, Boise and Los Angeles will cheer for the same team and their favorite coach, Kellen Moore.

A List of Kellen Moore's Jobs

Find out who he's going to be working with here.

Gallery Credit: Kevin Miller

Kellen Moore: Dominance Over The Years

Kellen Moore's 50 career victories as the starting quarterback at Boise State University remain the most by any QB in NCAA football history. Moore, who was touted as one of the most brilliant minds in college football has now taken those brains to the NFL where Dallas fans can't get enough of him.

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