Boise State Football, along with numerous other teams, is navigating a landscape of high expectations and promise. This is the time of year when every team's dream of reaching the national title is alive.

The Transfer Portal and NIL have brought about a revolution in the way teams can rebuild, offering a beacon of hope for those in need of a turnaround. It's a process that can lead to both triumph and disappointment, but it's a testament to the ever-evolving nature of college football, and the potential for positive change. 

Famous Boise State Coaches

A list of some of the most successful and famous Boise State head football coaches.


The college football world is waiting for the first twelve-team playoff. Fans have complained for years that the sport needs a more complete way to determine its national champion. For years, the AP and UPI polls determined who would play in the bowl games. Some years, due to conference alignment, teams wouldn't play each other, leaving the experts to pick the champion.

The BCS, or the Bowl Championship Series, replaced the poll era. After endless controversy, the four-team playoff was introduced, yet fans wanted more. This year, twelve teams will compete to be the king of college football.

Several spots are guaranteed for the big-money conferences; however, only one Group of Five teams will be picked. As we reported here, Boise State is picked to represent the non-power conferences.  

However, ESPN has a different team representing the Group of Five. Let's take a look at their list:

10. Troy, Alabama


8. Tulane

7. Miami (Ohio)

6.James Madison

5. Appalachian State 

4. Fresno State

3. Liberty

2. Boise State

1. Memphis 

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