There are wonderful things about living in the Treasure Valley. The only problem is that the secret is out. Because of that, the supply and demand for homes have caused a housing shortage. The prices of homes have skyrocketed and have priced many buyers out of the market. What is a first-time homebuyer to do? There isn't much inventory that would be in the price range of a younger buyer with no credit history besides the student loans that they've racked up at Boise State for the past four years. That's why I was surprised to see that had named any city in the Treasure Valley on their list of "Top 10 Towns Where First-Time Homebuyers Can Finally Snag A Home In 2022."

The list includes Magma, Utah, a Salt Lake City suburb roughly five and a half hours from Boise, as well as small towns like Chalco, Nebraska (near Omaha), Mauldin, South Carolina (near Greenville), Beech Grove, Indiana (near Indianapolis), Portsmouth, Virginia (near Virginia Beach), Cotton Grove, Wisconsin (near Madison), Grimes, Iowa (near Des Moines), Ferndale, Michigan (near Detroit), Maitland, Florida (near Orlando), and our very own Kuna, Idaho.

These towns were chosen based on being near cities with significant growth, having their own spots to eat and drink, and having a younger population. Kuna ranked #9 on their list of affordable suburbs. Before you get too excited, it was by far the most expensive city on their list. The cheapest was Portsmouth, Virginia, where the median home list price is $215,000. Closer to home, Magna, Utah, the city that ranked #1 on their list, the median home list price is $355,000.

In Kuna, the median home list price is (gasp) $452,300. While it's true that the further out from Boise you go, the cheaper the Treasure Valley gets, I wouldn't call $452,300 affordable.

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