It's not often; in fact, it's rare that a cast from one of the world's most famous movie and streaming shows visit Idaho. Our area does its best to attract various stars during a Comicon. Most folks who dream of meeting their favorite screen stars must travel to Utah, Washington, or California. 

However, this month, on February 10th, select cast members of a global phenomenon, The Chosen will be at the Ford Idaho Center, and they want to meet you! Fans of season four can take a first look today as it opens in theaters. 

As the biggest crowdfunded project in TV history, The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season show about the life of Jesus. This series allows viewers to see the life of Jesus through the eyes of those that knew Him. Follow the transformations of His followers through the ministry of Jesus as He journeys to change the world.

The show's president, Brad Pelo, shares the ups and downs of this show that continues to gain followers. Unlike other projects, the initial production was funded by the grassroots.

The show is so popular that over 450 million people have seen it. The Idaho event happened due to a meeting between our friend Tom Luna and the cast in Arizona. Mr. Luna thought that folks in Idaho would love to meet and speak with the cast. 

Several cast members agreed, and several area churches have joined forces to promote the free event. Organizers ask that you bring a can of food to help area food banks. You do need tickets to get in. Here is a link to get your free tickets.  

Many organizations and faiths have worked together to bring this incredible opportunity to Idaho. 

This incredible event is made possible by various faith organizations and churches throughout the Treasure Valley, including The Catholic Diocese, the Boise Rescue Mission, CenterPoint Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Nampa Men & Women in Christ, St. Pauls' Family Life Education Center, Valley Church, River House Church, Good News Community Church, Rock Harbor, Capital Church, the Nazarene Care House, Deer Flat Free Methodist Church, and many others. 

 Youth groups from many churches are participating in a Youth Refugee Project to extend Christlike love to refugees.

The cast will share their behind-the-scenes insights and touch upon how bringing this epic series to life has encouraged them. They will discuss their own faith journeys and how you, too, can follow Him and find greater peace in Christ.

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