Boise's housing crisis, drug issues, poverty, and more things that people just don't want to talk about, or don't know to talk about. We've had it pretty good here in the Gem State, haven't we? But the recent influx of people is bringing unwanted issues, too.

Did you know people are now starting to live in storage units right here in the Treasure Valley? Homelessness might not be as bad here as it is in other cities — Salt Lake City for example — but we're starting to see an unsettling surge of these issues that have seemingly been flying under the radar.

A recent story submitted to us underscores the severity of these issues, with eight tenants at a local self-storage facility, known as "Stor-It," leaving their long-term storage and workspaces due to an influx of new tenants reportedly living on-site, "squatting," and using the facility for illicit drug activities. This facility, designed for storage and legitimate business purposes, has become an unintended refuge for those who cannot afford stable housing.

What's deeply concerning is the response from property management. Complaints from concerned tenants have resulted in their eviction, while those squatting and indulging in drug-use are allegedly allowed to remain undisturbed.

The housing crisis in Boise has reached a breaking point, leaving many residents with no choice but to seek shelter in unconventional places. This story is a mere snapshot of the broader crisis, and we need to figure out what to do so this doesn't get worse over time and with more growth.

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