America has had a love affair with baseball for years.  Popular movies like Moneyball, Field of Dreams, and Bull Durham are considered modern day American Classics.  Whether it's the movies or watching actual games, Americans still consider baseball one of the country's most popular sports.  Now professional baseball is taking a left turn towards the weed.  MLB will change its marijuana policy for minor league players reports marijuana moment. 

Soon minor league players will no longer fear taking a toke as the MLB considers removing marijuana from its list of banned substances. While the 40-players on the Major roster aren't tested for the drug, those on the non-40-man roster are, leading to steep suspensions and docked pay. This year, 13 players had to take a vacation for violating drug policies says marijuana moment, which could include marijuana.

What is the penalty for a drug violation in baseball?  Marijuana moment spells it out for us here.  'Players are suspended 25 games for their first positive drug test, 50 games for a second, 100 games for a third and are banned for life for a fourth.'

Another move up for negotiation between the league and the MLB Players Association is the addition of opioid testing, with union chief Tony Clark revealing they've almost reached an agreement. Under a potential deal, players would be given treatment rather than suspension. Currently the weed is not legal in the gem state.

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