When it comes to traffic in the Treasure Valley, we're certainly spoiled. Sure, many of us who have been here for years might be all too familiar with a much LOWER traffic volume, but it still isn't bad. Of course, the undeniable influx of people moving to the Treasure Valley and State of Idaho as a whole are calling for a lot of new traffic projects. Most of these new projects are calling for--you guessed it--EXPANSION. Wider roads, more lanes, and the ability to handle heavier traffic flows. We're booming, Treasure Valley.

As of today, however, a major traffic project has begun and it's going to be going on for a while.

When you think of "inconvenient intersections", what come to mind? Any of these? 

The Top 12 Most Frustrating Intersections in the Treasure Valley

If we were to compare ourselves to other major cities in the Pacific Northwest, Boise would look silly complaining about these sorts of things slowing down our commute by minutes. But, we're not Seattle. We're not Portland. These intersections are annoying and everyone knows it!

Luckily, none of those listed above will be under construction for a number of months. 

It's Ten Mile and Victory that will be shut down an for those living in that residential area, it's pretty frustrating. The work, of course, has a purpose. Expected to be closed through August of 2022, it may be wise to find a new route if this intersection is a part of your routine.

You can see some of the outlined details of the "Ten Mile Project", below: 

Ten Mile Road Project To Begin Late January 2022

The Ten Mile Road Project will begin construction in late January 2022! Here's what we can expect from the project that will finish in Fall of 2022. 

Speaking of Traffic gripes--can we be honest about THESE roads that are open and desperately need a higher speed limit?

These 13 Treasure Valley Roads Need a Speed Change

Spend any time driving around the Treasure Valley and odds are you will spot a little bit of road rage. While it's nothing wildly aggressive most times, it seems that with the growth of our city has come a lot of conflicting opinions on HOW to drive on our streets. Roads that were never meant to handle the volume of traffic that they now do have different speed limits-- some that are a little fast, some that are a little slow. We took to our means, Facebook, to ask YOU where the worst roads are at and which speed limits need adjusted. Here is what we found.

Nothing like a little road rage in Boise, either-- maybe these drivers weren't going fast enough? 

Awkward Hospitality Ends Idaho Road Rage Fight

In a strange brawl on the streets of the Treasure Valley, some sort of road rage incident has the internet laughing out loud at how awkward things were brought to a close.

It isn't often that we see much serious road rage here in the Treasure Valley. Perhaps an occasional "flying of the bird" or an explicative yelled--for the most part, the lack of real traffic in Boise and our overall "slower" pace of life keeps everyone calm. This brawl seems to be an exception to the rule, at one point, one of the fighting men says to "go back to Washington". It's the END of the fight that has everyone online LAUGHING...maybe it's just some good old fashioned Idaho Hospitality?

10 Things Guaranteed to Give Boise Drivers Road Rage


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