For years, it seemed like the official kick-off of Christmas shopping season was creeping earlier into Thanksgiving Day. The COVID-19 pandemic radically changed the way retailers felt about opening their doors on Turkey Day. 

In 2019, a handful of retailers started their door buster sales as early as 2 p.m. on Thanksgiving. Others like Target, Best Buy and Walmart waited just long enough for shoppers to dust off that last helping of pumpkin pie before opening their doors at 5 or 6 p.m.

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In 2020? None of those retailers unlocked their doors on Thanksgiving, acknowledging that traditional holiday shopping leads to large crowds and long lines, something considered a danger to public health thanks to COVID-19. It also gave exhausted retail employees and opportunity to unwind a little bit and enjoy time at a small family dinner before jumping right back into a crazier than normal holiday shopping season.

After receiving positive feedback from both employees and shoppers for that decision, many have decided to take the same approach in 2021.

Right now, these are the major retailers in the Treasure Valley that we know have game plans for Thanksgiving already. Bookmark this page and check back often because we'll update it as we get closer to the season!

Which Stores Are Closed or Open on Thanksgiving 2021?

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