Today's guests: 6 a.m. - Dr Jerome Corsi, the author of "Silent No More: How I became a Political Prisoner of Mueller's Witch Hunt", now available as an e-book.  Dr. Corsi previews the release of the Mueller Report that many believe will happen this week.  He shares exclusively with Kevin Miller what it was like to be under investigation by the special prosecutor.  Kevin Miller thanks Dr. Corsi and takes calls from listeners responding to the compelling interview. ; 7 a.m. - Kevin Miller announces that Tone Loc and Color Me Bad are appearing at the Boise Music Festival.  This is the tenth anniversary of the festival.  Longtime Boise financial planner and radio talk show host Dave Petso with his weekly market outlook.  Kevin Miller and Dave Petso discuss the recent story citing the continued rise of home prices in Ada and Canyon Counties.  They continue to cover the Boeing situation and speculate what's next for the airline industry.  Dave and Kevin Miller look at the impressive job figures the government recently released.  ; 7:35 a.m. - Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland reports live from Capitol Hill ; 8 a.m. - Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Lars Larson (weeknights 6p to 9p on KIDO) with topics he'll cover on his show.  Kevin Miller and Lars Larson review the president's comments on fixing the border emergency.  Kevin Miller takes calls from the Treasure Valley on how to save America.

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