Luxury in Boise – did you know one of our local hotels is among the most luxurious in the entire country? Perfect timing, especially with this chilly winter making many of us crave a little getaway.

It's fair to say that most Idahoans are likely to be feeling ready for a bit of an escape right now, especially with this crazy winter we're having. Anyone feeling like they could use a "staycation" right about now?

Let's take a look inside the most luxurious hotel in Idaho. (Pictures below!)

The Grove Hotel

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Love Exploring created a list of the most luxurious hotels in each state, and The Grove Hotel in Boise made the list for Idaho — making it one of the most luxurious hotels not only in Idaho, but among the most luxurious hotels in America.

In the middle of another lingering winter here in Idaho – one of the snowiest in years – The Grove Hotel offers a retreat from the daily grind. Whether you're looking to just relax a little bit more, go on a romantic getaway, or just find some peace and quiet, this is a good call.

The Grove’s website says...

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“As the original AAA Four Diamond full-service hotel in Boise, The Grove Hotel upholds its reputation as the city’s premier hotel by offering luxury without sacrificing comfort. With breathtaking views of the rolling, green Boise foothills and a central location that lends itself to bustling downtown activity, don’t expect to leave the City of Trees feeling unfulfilled.”

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