The United States Air Force never rests when it comes to protecting the United States of America.  The 366th Fighter Wing, based at Mountain Home Air Force Base, will be increasing their training activity.  The additional training will be conducted today through February 9th and will involve 24 hour training.  The goal of this training is to prepare the 366th Fighter Wing for real world contingencies.  Local residents in and around Mountain Home Air Force Base could hear increased noise from the base.

Col. Joe Kunkel, teh 366th Wing Fighter Wing Commander said, 'This exercise is critical to maintain our abilities against current and future adversaries.'

Participants will have the opportunity to train in several scenarios.  The goal is to give them experience in dealing with a hostile environment.  Mountain Home Air Force Base will host the majority of the operations.

Mountain Home Air Force Base continues to host both US and Foreign Air Forces due to Idaho's ideal training geography.

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