The Pacific Northwest has been an area of relative calm over the last few years.  Earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters have not hit our area in years.  However, a new study says it's not a question of if,but when, a massive event happens here.  The Daily Mail quotes a new study from the University of Texas that says the Pacific Northwest could face an massive earthquake or tsunami.  They're calling it the megaquake or the big one when detailing what could happen off the coast of Oregon, Washington, and California.

Researchers have been studying the Cascadia Subduction Zone and found that seismic plates are tightly packed which, if the plates move, they'll bring with them a massive amount of water.

The article states that federal, state, and regional emergency responders are currently training for a worst case scenario.  Last year, the Idaho National Guard, along with other units, participated in an exercise going over one of the many potential disasters.


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