A recent map has come out that shows which places in the United States might have the most trouble if natural disasters happen, such as earthquakes, floods, or wildfires etc.

The FEMA map of National Risk Index Counties uses colors to rate how risky a place is by county, from high risk (in red) to low risk (in blue). In between, there are colors like orange for relatively high risk, yellow for moderate risk, and teal for relatively low risk.

Here's the interesting part for us, Idaho, our whole state is in the blue and considered not really a risk... with the exception of 3 counties.

What Idaho counties are at risk on this FEMA natural disaster map?

Photo by Alex Bertha on Unsplash
Photo by Alex Bertha on Unsplash

Idaho County

Idaho County is known for its rugged terrain, vast wilderness areas, and the Salmon River. This county is on FEMA's natural disaster map due to its susceptibility to wildfires, floods, and geological hazards like landslides, all escalated by its challenging environmental conditions.

Thornfield Hall | Wikimedia
Thornfield Hall | Wikimedia

Elmore County

Home to the Mountain Home Air Force Base, which plays a vital role in the nation's defense. Its presence also contributes to Elmore County's appearance on FEMA's natural disaster map. While the base itself may not be directly susceptible to certain natural disasters, its significant impact on the region has raised the importance of disaster preparedness and emergency management efforts.

Photo by Henry Fraczek on Unsplash
Photo by Henry Fraczek on Unsplash

Ada County

Home to many of us who are reading this article, and Idaho's capital. Boise and Ada County are on FEMA's natural disaster map due to its susceptibility to various hazards, including wildfires, occasional flooding, and the potential for geological events like earthquakes. Its growing population also heightens the need for disaster preparedness efforts.

The map doesn't just think about nature; it also looks at things like money, language, and transportation in these places. So, it's not just about the land but also about the people living there.

This news is a reminder that we should always be ready for the unexpected, even if we live in beautiful Boise. Disasters can happen anywhere, and being prepared is our best defense.

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