Everyone is talking about it: housing in Idaho. The secret is out, people are flooding into our state, and folks that have grown up here are struggling to be able to afford a home in the town that they have called home for their entire lives. It's scary.

If you're in the market to buy a house--like, now--you have better hope that some of these homes are still on the market because this is as cheap as it gets: 

20 Photos of the Least Expensive Houses You Can Buy in Boise

In mid-May 2022, the cheapest house (no mobile homes were considered) you could buy in Boise was $329,900. One home had that price tag. A second only cost $100 more, so we took a look at that one as well. Let's just say that one's probably going to be an easier sale than the other!

So what's with the scare tactics? 

According to the "experts" they aren't scare tactics--they're totally realistic conversations that need to be had.

In a recent article by 24/7 Wall Street, the scary thing up in the air is what could be to come-- if high mortgage rates hit housing prices here in Boise where homes are statistically, among the most overpriced in the nation--a major collapse and "reset" will happen. These experts are saying that Boise is at the very top of this list, nationally.

A few weeks ago, we shared with you information or a real "hack" for first-time home buyers that may not be ready to buy right now but have their sights set on buying. Whether you're waiting for this "collapse" that experts say is coming or you just need a little more cash for a down payment-- one major benefit here in Idaho for first-time home buyers is a specific saving account that a handful of banks in the area can open for you. Money put into that account can be TAX DEDUCTIBLE so it's a win-win for anyone with saving for a home on their mind. You can learn more about that, HERE.

Rent, just like home prices, is skyrocketing too: 

How Big of a House Will $1,500 Get You in Boise Versus Everywhere

Let's look at what $1,500 a month in rent will get you in Boise compared to other major cities.

We Actually Found 5 Houses in Boise For Under $100K

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