A good romantic comedy must have a compelling love story and humor that carries on throughout the entire movie. Most movies meet those two criteria, so in other words, there are a lot of "rom coms" out there to choose from — Which one do you think is Idaho's favorite?

Let’s just say some of the results might throw you a little off-guard. Many Idahoans might expect more popular and recognizable movies like Forest Gump or The Proposal to be Idaho's favorite, but that is certainly not the case. Which is shocking, because those movies are recognizable to people who don't even enjoy romantic comedies.

What Romantic Comedy is the most popular in Idaho?

The nationwide rom com survey, conducted by All About Cookies, looked into Netflix's extensive library, using Google Trends to determine each state's favorite. While popular choices like "Forrest Gump" made multiple appearances on the list for other states, Idahoans surprised many by choosing "Pretty Woman" and "He's All That."

In 2023, Idaho's favorite romantic comedy was "He's All That."

In 2024, Idaho's favorite romantic comedy is "Pretty Woman."

The list, showcasing romantic comedy preferences from Alabama to Wyoming, highlighted the unique cinematic tastes of each state. Notably, Idaho's selection aligns with the broader trend of Netflix dominating the world of movie streaming.

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