Most folks in Idaho and across the country who are responsible want to focus all of their attention on what's in front of them when they're driving, especially on the interstate. How often have we seen near multi-vehicle accidents due to folks not paying attention? 


It's not uncommon to see folks eating, texting, putting on makeup, and engaging in other activities when driving at or over the speed limit. If you're over a certain age, you'll recall when Idaho and other states started putting up digital road signs. The displays are used to pass along important information, such as Amber Alerts or if there is a traffic delay. 

Creative Highway Signs

Like some of us at work, when times get boring, sometimes the folks who are responsible for typing the messages get creative. These are A few funny times that cause us to smirk or laugh a little to get us home. (AGGRESSIVE DRIVING IS THE PATH TO THE DARK SIDE, FEAST YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD, DRIVE SAFELY, SLOW DOWN, GET THERE LATE, DRIVE LIKE THE PERSON YOUR DOG THINKS YOU ARE, and many more.)


Who is behind the ban?

However, the fun is over, thanks to the federal government. The United States Highway Department says the fun is over. They've given states until 2026 to comply with their no-fun mandate. In other words, the feds, through the Federal Highway Department, want every driver in America to focus on driving and not a funny, creative message. 

Although some signs have gone viral and have helped folks get through the day, the days of a creative road sign in Idaho will be over in less than two years.

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