For victims' families and survivors of the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history at the Route 91 Harvest Festival last fall, the latest legal move by MGM seems like a slap in the face. According to CBS News, MGM Resorts International is "suing more than 1,000 victims and other survivors [...] claiming it has no liability [...]".

The company who owns the venue where the concert was held, as well as the hotel (Mandalay Bay) where the shooter, Stephen Paddock, opened fire to a crowd of 22,000 killing 58 and injuring over 800, says they are not liable because the company they hired for security during the event, Contemporary Services Corp., "was protected from liability and certified by the Department of Homeland Security to handle "acts of mass injury and destruction." The hotel company says this should protect MGM from liability as well."

To be clear, the company is not suing the concertgoers for money, rather prevent further legal actions. According to CBS, "2,500 people have sued or threatened to sue MGM and its properties [...]. Many of the plaintiffs alleged that the hotel and entertainment company failed to adequately protect them."

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