Parents, teachers, and just about every Idahoan do not want the new school year to end the way it did last year. The plug was pulled due to fears over waves of coronavirus kids infected by their teachers and parents. That crisis was averted thanks to the massive stay at home order from the government. However, one cannot stay at home forever. Or can they? School and government officials are trying to come up with a plan to educate kids in the classroom beginning this month safely. Parents have banded together on social media working to lobby officials not to cancel fall sports.
IEA President Layne McInelly urges caution when it comes to Idaho hot spots. She urged caution in an excerpt from a press release.
As positivity rates of the dangerous COVID-19 virus continue to increase in many Idaho communities, the course of action for public schools in those areas is clear—school buildings in communities considered “hot spots” should remain closed and districts should shift to online instruction. It’s an unfortunate circumstance but a necessary decision to protect the lives of Idahoans threatened by a pandemic that shows no signs of abating in our state.
We should know something this week as school boards and athletic directors meet to plan on how to educate in Covid Idaho.

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