Oh boy, can this election get any bigger?  First, we have the COVID-19 virus and then the economy.  Numerous books and articles going after President Trump and then.. Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies leaving a coveted vacancy on the Supreme Court of the United States.

The Democrats have vowed they will do everything to stop the President and the Republicans in the Senate from filling that seat.  Republican Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska have publicly stated that a nomination and vote should not happen until after the election.  Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi speculated that she would look at impeaching the president, again, and the attorney general if they bring a nominee to the Senate.  (On what planet is she living on?)

President Trump has a duty to make the nomination as soon as possible.  It's up to the Senate to decide whether or not they will give the nominee a hearing.  In reality, the Republicans have no choice.  With the threat of litigation regardless of the outcome of the election, the Supreme Court must be whole to possibly decide the fate of the Republic.  Hillary Clinton has told Biden never concede regardless of the outcome of the election. With riots in the streets, SCOTUS has to be ready to make the call if they libs go court shopping after they lose in November.

A note to Republicans who are considering staying at home or voting for the Democrats.  The loony left has pledged that if they win in November they will pack the court with more judges so as to dilute the power of the current nine justices.  Does that sound like a proper way to govern a nation?

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