As thousands have fled their homes due to Hurricane Dorian, a Florida city is making sure that their four legged furry family members were saved from potential harm.   Thankfully Floridians stepped to empty a local animal shelter.  Humans may be clearing out store shelves, theme parks, and airports as the storm barrels down on the east coast, but in one case it's been a good thing.

Due to the efforts of volunteers, the cages at Jacksonville Humane Society in Florida have been emptied, with the 140 cats and 70 dogs relocated somewhere safe, reports the Miami Herald.   "You did it, Jacksonville!  The shelter originally posted a call for help and shared the good news with the entire world through their Facebook page.

Thanks to you, nearly all of our pets will ride out Hurricane Dorian in loving Storm Trooper foster homes," the shelter shared on Facebook. Lindsey Leyendecker from the rescue says, "We feel so incredibly lucky to be a part of such a kind, compassionate community."   Let's hope other communities that will be impacted by Dorian or other natural disasters have the same compassion that the folks in Jacksonville have shown.

Meteorologists continue to track that the storm as it moves closer to landfall and up the east coast of the United States.  Have you adopted a shelter pet? What helped make your decision?

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