Everyone loves social media. Can you believe it was only a few years ago, perhaps ten years, that young people thought social media was exclusively their vehicle for communicating?

If you've been on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or any other platform, you see folks of every age group. However, law enforcement has warned parents and teachers that social media is a dangerous place for young people.

Police say predators posing as young people have lured minors into sex trafficking rings and other crimes. Catfishing, where someone pretends to be someone else, is another popular game online crooks play against unsuspecting victims. Some claim they've lost thousands of dollars after being lured into giving money to a scammer. 

One state, not Idaho, but it is in our neighborhood, has decided that minors will not be allowed access to social media. Axios reported that Utah became the first state in the union to ban social media access to anyone under eighteen. The bill requires parental approval before minors can have accounts on popular social media platforms. Parents will have access to their kid's accounts as the law will take effect next March.

Utah may have been the first state, but it is not the only state banning access to minors. Arkansas Governor Sarah Sanders signed the Social Media Safety Act, which will not allow anyone eighteen to use social media without the approval of their parents. The law will go into effect in September of this year, reports qz.com. 

Other states like Florida and Texas seek to impose similar laws during their upcoming legislative sessions. The Idaho Legislature concluded last month with no significant movement on this type of legislation. Would you support a ban on social media for minors in Idaho? Vote below, and we'll share your results!

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